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Making learning fun is a very important method to help educate your child. Educating can often occur while spending a fun evening with family, such as a game night where the entire family comes together to play a game of UNO, a card game for children 7 and and up. The objective of UNO is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards by staking your card in a pile, that have the same number or color. There are also cards included such as, SKIP and REVERSE, which contribute to making UNO a strategy game. However, these cards can be eliminated to make the game easier for younger children.

Ultimately, UNO can expand your child’s visual thinking and logic skills. In the game, they are required to match their cards with the others in the stack  based on their visual attributes, as well as, use logic regrading when to best use certain cards such as, skip.

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