Exercice 4-5

Observations after crawling on my hands and feet:
After crawling on my hands and feet, in attempts to literally put my self in the shoes of a baby, I learned a lot about the challenges that may arise. First of all, I learned the importance of being cautious of sharp edges. Possibly just because I am physically larger than an infant, but nevertheless it was difficult of avoid hitting and potentially being hurt by sharp edges such as those on the cabinets and corners of my bed. Secondly, my knees felt weak and my hands were red after having to crawl. I wonder if this is a result of weighing more than a baby or if babies find it uncomfortable as well. Lastly, I noticed the difficulty in avoiding objects left on the ground. Based on this dilemma I realized the necessity for parents or caretakers to make sure that the floors are always spotless in order to guarantee that their baby will never accidentally hurts themselves.In addition, I questioned if babies are able to recognize that they should avoid the objects on the ground or if they are simply not concerned about them.

Posters that are selected to make a ten year old feel comfortable in a waiting room:

  • A poster of a popular musician such a Justin Beiber. I think that this lglp1381will be relatable to 10 year old children which theoretically would make them feel more comfortable in the given environment. Ultimately, the child feeling more comfortable will be beneficial to the study.
  • I think that a poster with an inspiring quote or words, such as the one below will also make a 10 year old feel more comfortable. The child is at an age where they are just beginning to care about others opinion about themimages. Thus, seeing a quote that can potentially make them feel good about themselves can be very important to their overall confidence.


  •  It may also help a child feel more conformable and able to relate to the environment they are in if there are posters of their favorite book or movie, such as Harry Potter, present. Especially the presence of a poster of a book might have a huge impact on the child’s comfort. As previously mentioned, ten is an age where children are beginning to be very self contious, therefore,  a child who might be under the impression that reading is not “cool”, even though they enjoy reading may be able to feel more at ease about being themselves in the waiting room and ultimately the study. imgres

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